RBC is a DC power supply source. A transformer is used to step down the AC mains input voltage to the required level as per the rating of the transformer. A bridge rectifier configuration is used to rectify the low voltage AC into DC and is further smoothed by a high value electrolytic capacitor.

MTC are designed for use in maintenance facilities, automotive shops, battery service stations and retail outlets, where there is a requirement for charging a number of batteries simultaneously. Volt selector switch facilitates selection of battery volt from 12 volt to 60 volt. Recharging all types of automobile/Tabular ,gen set, marine engines, fishing boat batteries and other application batteries.

Regulated Battery Charger

Fully Automatic - "Connect and Forget" operation. State-of-the-art switched mode technology is used for high efficiency, lightweight and quiet operation. Ability to reduce maximum charging current to approximately 1/2 of the rated capacity during "Half Power Mode". Thus, allowing safe charging for lower capacity batteries. Protection against short circuit, over current, reverse battery connection and over-temperature. Fan cooled - fan on/off based on output current.

  • Commonly used for Battery House, Substation and other Industrial Sector

  • Multi-Tap Charging capability ranging from 12VDC-60VDC

  • Heavy-Duty galvanized steel housing with breaker switch

Multi-tap Charger

  • 12 Volt to 60 Volt

  • Can charge 1 to 5 batteries simultaneously

  • Recommended for 1SM up to 8D Batteries

  • Heavy-duty alligator clips

Switch Mode Battery Charger

Powercraft Charger

Powercraft is an OEM (Original Emblem Manufacturing) of industrial tools catering to the local Philippine market demand. Professional users from industries such as Construction, Steel Fabrication, Automotive, Manufacturing, Power Generation and many more are its main customer base.

  • PCBC 650A

  • PCBC 450A

  • PCBC 350A

  • PCBC 50A

  • PCBC 30A

  • PCBC 20A

Battery Energy Storage System

We also design and build large range of Battery Banks and Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) for all of your off grid requirements. By connecting batteries, it can increase the storage capacity of the system, thus providing power with maximum efficiency. These are commonly used for UPS Data Network Center, Backup Power Generation, Solar Panel Grids, DC Power Plants, Substations and Transmission Distribution.


Battery Cabinet

Battery Rack