A Substation Transformer is designed for installation on three-phase transmission and distribution systems. Substation transformers are constructed for in-door or outdoor mounting on a concrete pad with high and low voltage cables entering operating compartments through enclosed sidewall mounted bushings (unit-type transformers) or through cover or sidewall mounted bushings (open-type transformers).

Substation Transformer

  • Advanced water-cooling system

  • Powerful and compact go well together

  • Impedance reach losses

  • Control of hot spot and excessive losses

  • 1500 kVA to 20 MVA

Amorphous Transformer

Energy-saving oil-immersed transformer with more than 75 percent reduction of no-load loss using amorphous metal instead of silicone sheet.

  • No-load loss reduction. Minimal no-load loss by amorphous structure and super-laminate metal pin materials.

  • Economic efficiency Operation and maintenance cost decrease and life extension expectation of transformer by the loss reduction.

  • Harmonic wave reduction. High Efficiency and compactification by excellent magnetic characteristics in the high frequency and harmonic wave band.

Distribution Transformer

It, an energy-saving transformer with low noise and high efficiency, can more than 30 percent of total loss against standard transformers using grain-oriented electrical steel and PHD-core as silicone sheet of oil-immersed transformer.

  • No-load loss reduction. Reduced standby power with more than 50 percent decrease of no-load loss against standard transformers by using grain-oriented electrical steel and PHD-core silicone sheet.

  • Load loss reduction. More than 20 percent decrease of load loss by optimal winding design.

  • Low noise. Improved noise to decrease over 7 to 11dB compared with KS standard

Pad Mounted Transformer

A pad-mounted transformer is a ground-mounted electric power distribution transformer in a locked steel cabinet mounted on a concrete pad. Since all energized connection points are securely enclosed in a grounded metal housing, a pad-mount transformer can be installed in places that do not have room for a fenced enclosure.

Pad-mount transformers are used with underground electric power distribution lines at service drops to step down the primary voltage on the line to the lower secondary voltage supplied to utility customers. A single transformer may serve one large building or many homes.

Dry-Type Transformer

Cast Resin Dry-Type Transformers are an approve choice for use in commercial, industrial and residential sites. These kinds of power transformers require practically no maintenance and have a much lower environmental impact than traditional oil-immersed transformers. Capacity ranges from 100 kVA to 2000 kVA.

An Isolation Transformer is one that helps to transfer electrical power from a source of alternating current power to other electrical device for safety purpose. These are generally made by two copper coils that are wound around each other in order to allow the primary coil to induce a current in the secondary coil.

  • Copper & Aluminum Winding

  • 1 kVA - 250 kVA (Single Phase)

  • 3 kVA - 1000 kVA (Three Phase)