SVC single - phase and three -phase high accuracy full-automatic AC voltage stabilizer is one kind of our dominant products, made up of contact auto voltage regulator, servo motor, automatic control circuit, etc. When the power network voltage fluctuates or the load varies, automatic sampling control circuit will send signal to drive the servo motor which can adjust the position of carbon brush of auto voltage regulator, then, the output voltage will be adjusted to rated value and get a steady state

SVC-C series intelligent AC stabilized voltage supply is the second voltage supply product developed by our company. It adopts 8 -digit CPU and its voltage stabilizing precision and delay time can be set according to needs. With protective functions of time lag, over voltage inverse time -delay, under-voltage, overload, excess temperature, mechanical fault etc. This type of product has the characteristics of liquid crystal blue screen backlight and interface dynamic display, It can display the real-time working state of the machine, when there is any abnormal occurs, the interface will display relative indications accompanied with long or short alarming sound.

SVC-N New Model of Ultra low-voltage series of Voltage Stabilizer, is an innovated designed product which based on our ordinary model of SVC series of Voltage Stabilizer. It has the function of wide input voltage range, and perfect under-voltage, over-voltage as well as output delaying protections. Creatively designed an unique protective function of cutting the input voltage when overvoltage were occurring. Re-designed its' stabilizing components and control circuit in case of fire hazard and other possible dangerous situations that caused by over-voltage and range-exceeding on the input side. This series of model has the advantage of good internal-craftwork, perfect designed appearance ,excellent and stabilized performance and it is one of the newest products that Hossoni has launched at present.

TND and TNS series single-phase and three-phase voltage stabilizer is developed on the basis of SVC, it not only bears all characteristics of SVC, but also has advantages of elegant appearance, luxury, economical and practical, etc.

For office equipment, test equipment, medical equipment, industrial automation equipment, household appliance, lighting system, communication system, etc.

With features of isolation, anti-interference, little waveform distortion, wide range of voltage stabilization, automatic protection against short circuit, rapid response, long life, etc. CWY(CVT) series high- availability anti -interference constant voltage transformer is a safe and reliable product provided for precious and precise equipment.

For computer, test equipment, lighting system, safety alarming system, communication system, medical equipment, duplicator, family cinema equipment, industry automatic equipment, numeral control machine tool, photographic processing equipment, office equipment, etc.

DBW and SBW-F series single-phase and three-phase fully automatic compensated voltage stabilizer is designed for stabilizing AC voltage and made with Western Europe advanced technology and on the basis of our country national conditions. It can keep output voltage in steady state automatically when the power network voltage fluctuates or the load current varies. Compared with other voltage stabilizers, it has the advantage of large capacity, high efficiency, no wave distortion, stable voltage adjustment, suitability for kinds of loads, bearing instantaneous overload, working continually for long time, as well as free transferring between manual control and automatic control, etc.








ZWJ Intelligent Power Saving & Stabilizing Lighting Cabinet is a power device which based on the principle of Green Power Engineering subject of China, as well as researched on the problem of China's lighting power use, also combined with our SVC and SBW stabilization technology, before launched this new product. This product no only has an excellent performance in its controlling field, but also its' performance, especially when the device were under stabilizing and power saving mode. It can effectively reduce the electric consumption of lighting power use, also enhances the use of power efficiency.